Monday, March 22, 2010

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend! ;)

Katie Grace has been driving me crazy for about a year to get her ears pierced so as her treat for being so brave about her surgery we let her get them done. Now truth be told I really wanted to wait but I thought ears for ears was a cute and fun idea and right up this prissy girls alley! We went to Claire's at Dogwood in Flowood and they were very nice and did a great job. Here are some pics :) I LOVE these! She did great and is very proud of her "diamonds"!

(The last picture of sweet un-pierced ears!)

One very happy little girl!

Let's Play Ball!

Myles went to his first baseball practice of the year today! I love baseball and I love to see my favorite boy play!

Myles' First Deer!

Myles turned 10 in August and boy has it been an exciting year for him! I think he would say the highlight being his first deer and boy it sure was a nice one! The first day of the season he gets a 5 point! This was also the first time he shot his new rifle. Lan went with him and I don't know which one was more excited. My friend Chad set him up on a stand on his land that's right beside ours and just before sunset this deer walks right out in a field and Myles got him! I'm so proud of this sweet boy... he is such a blessing :)

Follow Up!

Katie Grace made it through surgery with flying colors! She was great through the whole experience and we couldn't have asked for more. God is so good and her attitude helped us feel better too! Thank you all so much for your prayers, texts, phone calls! We felt them all! God has RICHLY blessed us and I pray that we can show others His love.

We went back to Jackson a little over a week ago for he follow up appointment. The doctor says everything looks good and we will go back April 8 for her first hearing test since surgery. I feel that her hearing will return and I can't wait to share this great news with all of you! Whatever the outcome is though we are still thankful!

Katie Grace and I did enjoy a yummy lunch and I just have to share my new find with you! A friend suggested we go to the Mississippi Museum of Art for lunch at The Pallet Cafe' by Viking and it was DELISH! I'll try to add the links for you but please try it out the next time you're in Jackson and want to try something great and a little different. The big plus for me was all in the presentation! They served our food on my very favorite McCarty Pottery!!

(The Plantation Sandwich- Smoked turkey and asparagus between cornbread topped with hollandaise sauce and crumbled bacon with a side of yummy mac and cheese!)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oscar Night!

Oscar night at our house is a tradition... Every year Lan treats that night like it's the Super Bowl and wants to eat like it's game night! This year I didn't go all out but I did fix his favorite (rotel). I have to say I love the tradition myself :) We're not huge fans of the Oscars but I'm in it for the fashion. So here is my version of the hits and the misses and boy were there some misses this year!

Sandra was STUNNING!
Jennifer's dress was beautiful!
I know I know I can't believe I like it but I just do!
Cameron looked prettier than I have seen her look in many years! She usually is to messy looking and I just hate it but she's redeemed herself!
This is just sleek and pretty!

I can't even begin! With all of her money and people at her disposal couldn't someone help!
She's so beautiful and this dress is just... BAD!
The Queen of Fashion has fallen!!!
Faith! What were you thinking?!
Some might protest but I hate this! It is two different dresses! Both would have been great separately but not together!!

There you have it.. My two cents for what they're worth ;)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Please pray for our Katie Grace

Recently we discovered that Katie Grace has lost hearing in her right ear. The fact is that it is amazing because we don't know when, why or how and she has no other issues that go along with hearing loss. I took her to UMC yesterday to see Dr. Eby and she is now scheduled for surgery March 4 at UMC. God is so good and as it turns out a sweet friend is Dr. Eby's nurse. This really helped my feelings about the whole situation, funny how a familiar face can be such comfort. The surgery is exploratory with a possible stapedectomy. He feels like it is caused by a problem with one of the tiny bones behind her ear drum but won't know for sure until they get in there and see. The GREAT news is that there is a 90% success rate with this procedure! Please just pray for her to keep her upbeat spirit and for the doctor and nurses surrounding the surgery. Katie Grace has been wonderful and really taken this as something new and different about herself. Gotta love her!!

Back to Blogging!!!

After a very long time away I'm making a COME BACK!! I can't believe I've been such a slacker... I thought with the purchase of a new fun computer I would do better but NO! I've been nothing more than a blog stalker for the past year :) I promise to try to do much better and be much more interesting.... Stay tuned!